The Healing Ministry of Jesus

Do you know that Jesus is a healer? Do you really know it, in the depths of your heart? The beginning to any healing—whether it’s your own healing or the healing of someone you love—is knowing who Jesus is and acting on what you know. In this course, Richard Roberts takes students through the Gospels to study Jesus in action and examine the foundation of His ministry. Students will gain a clearer knowledge and understanding of Jesus in all His [...]

The Miracle Living Series

Do you know that the miracles of the Bible are still happening today? Have you ever experienced a miracle from God, or do you know someone who has? If your answer is yes, then you know that miracles from God are real and that miracles still happen today; truly, a miracle from God settles the issue. There are many people who are in desperate need of a miracle in their life due to problems, heartaches, and needs. Some individuals have [...]

The Holy Spirit’s Work Today

Do you know that Jesus has promised you a gift that can empower you to have a new dimension of God’s power to live your life? That gift is the precious Holy Spirit, and He is available today to help you in ways you may have never dreamed possible! In this course, Richard Roberts takes students through the Bible to study the power and presence of the Holy Spirit. Students gain a clearer knowledge and understanding of who the Holy [...]

The Anointing of the Holy Spirit

What is the anointing of God? It is that divine energy that comes upon you and separates you from yourself and fills you with His power! As a result, when you speak, it is like God speaking…and when you act, it is like God acting. As a child of God, would you like to have more of His power in your life and ministry? The anointing breaks the yoke of sin, sickness, fear, poverty, demons, and anything and everything that [...]

Biblical Revelation of the End Times

But God’s Word is the one proven source of fully accurate knowledge of the future. The Holy Bible has described hundreds of future events in fine detail over a span of thousands of years. And the Bible has plenty to say about events that are yet to come! Join Richard Roberts for seven powerful teaching sessions to learn more about biblical prophecy and a discussion of current world events. Also in this course, students will discover what the Bible says [...]

God’s Power in You: The Holy Spirit and His Gifts

Do you consider yourself to be a “gifted” person? Well, if you are a Christian, you are a “God-gifted” human being because of the Holy Spirit who dwells on the inside of you! The question is, do you realize this and are you living your life empowered by the Spirit of God with His gifts operating through you to be a blessing to others? Join Richard and Lindsay Roberts for eleven powerful class sessions and develop a better understanding of [...]