Christ in Every Book of the Bible

Richard and Lindsay are delighted to offer you this special "bonus" course in the School of Miracles. This course includes video sessions covering the entire Bible from the book of Genesis to the book of Revelation. Study this special "bonus" course to better understand that CHRIST is the heart and central theme of the Bible. From Genesis to Revelation, the message revolves around the person and work of Jesus Christ. All things reveal Him and point to Him. When God spoke [...]

The Pentateuch (Genesis-Deuteronomy)

This course on The Pentateuch marks the exciting beginning of the Journey through the Bible series. In this first course of the series, we will work our way through Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy, the first five books of the Bible, what is called the Pentateuch, also known as the Torah. It is important that we take our time as we go back to the beginning of the Bible. Here we will clearly see the unfolding of God’s plan [...]

The Old Testament Historical Books (Joshua-Esther)

This course on The Old Testament Historical Books is the second course in the Journey through the Bible series and includes the books of Joshua, Judges, Ruth, 1 & 2 Samuel, 1 & 2 Kings, 1 & 2 Chronicles, Ezra, Nehemiah, and Esther. With the conclusion of the book of Deuteronomy, a new era began under Moses’ successor, young Joshua, who led the people of Israel across the Jordan into the land of Canaan to possess the land and divide [...]

The Wisdom and Poetical Books (Job-Song of Solomon)

This course, the third in the Journey through the Bible series, covers the following books and their key biblical principles: The book of Job can be a powerful force in shaping your understanding of God’s delivering power. Follow Job as he endures satanic attacks that come against him until God sets him free and restores to him twice as much. Psalms is the hymn and prayer book of Israel, and is deeply intertwined with our praises and prayers to God as [...]

The Major and Minor Prophets of the Old Testament (Isaiah-Malachi)

This course, the fourth in the Journey through the Bible series, covers the following books and their key biblical principles: The book of Isaiah, which contains many prophecies about the life of Jesus, has been referred to as “the Gospel of the Old Testament.” This great book emphasizes the help we have in God. In the books of Jeremiah and Lamentations, the prophet Jeremiah is tremendously moved by Israel’s backsliding and captivity, yet these books also show that there is hope [...]

The Book of Matthew

Studying the Book of Matthew, the first book in the New Testament, can give you a better understanding—and appreciation—for the way the Christian is linked to the faith of Abraham with whom God first established His Blood Covenant. Notice that when Matthew begins his Gospel by tracing the genealogy of Jesus to Abraham, a man of faith, Matthew was establishing faith as the basis of the New Covenant that Jesus would bring. Matthew was a Jew, a son of Abraham [...]

The Book of Mark

Of all the Gospels in the New Testament, perhaps the book of Mark can give you the best glimpse of the power of Jesus in ACTION during His ministry on the Earth. Study this Gospel and get excited about Mark’s account of Jesus’ miracle-working power and allow it to motivate you to take more action for the Lord in your life and ministry. The book of Mark begins with a vivid account of Jesus performing miracles, and showing His power [...]

The Book of Luke

Luke, the writer of the Gospel of Luke, also was the writer of the Book of Acts. In effect, Luke is a writer of two books in one, Luke and Acts. For the purposes of our study we will teach them in two separate courses. Luke was a medical doctor and probably a Greek. He joined Paul’s evangelistic missionary team as a full-time member and was very close to St. Paul. Luke had the inquiring mind of a doctor. He [...]

The Book of John

John’s gospel is vastly different from those of Matthew, Mark, and Luke, the synoptic gospels, or the gospels that are so much alike. Most of the accounts given by these three writers cover Jesus’ life in Galilee. John deals primarily with His life away from Galilee, with about the last five years of Jesus’ life, centering primarily on Judea and Jerusalem. As far as we know, John’s gospel was written about A.D. 90 or after Jesus had ascended, after the [...]

The Book of Acts

The four Gospel writers—Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John—have just finished recording the earthly life of Jesus, ending with His resurrection and promise to send the Holy Spirit. In His 33 years on earth, Jesus had been born under the Old Covenant, lived His life under it, did His miracles through it, died under it, and in His death, fulfilled it. The Book of Acts begins with the details of the unveiling of the New Covenant in place. And in the [...]